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Trinity Pure Australian Jojoba Oil 50mL

Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis

Country Of Origin: Australia

Plant Part Used: Bean

Method Of Extraction: Cold pressed

What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil (pronounced ‘ho-ho-ba’) is extracted from the seeds of a bush that originates in desert areas of the south west USA. It is now grown in Australia.

Originally highly prized by the Apache people, jojoba is now being recognised as the most important cosmetic oil yet discovered.

The fine grained property of jojoba oil allows it to penetrate the skin easily and deeply, leaving a luxurious ‘satin’ finish

Molecules of jojoba are very narrow, unlike the larger branched chain molecules of other vegetable or petro-chemical derived oils – in fact, technically jojoba is a liquid wax not an oil. A component of jojoba is virtually chemically identical to sebum, the skin’s self produced lubricant.

Facial ageing is closely related to the state of elasticity of the skin. As we get older this elasticity progressively decreases. Pure Australian jojoba is extraordinarily rich in ‘insaponifiables’, substances that can actually increase dermal elasticity.

After your shower, while the skin is still damp, rub a few drops of pure Australian jojoba over your face and body leaving the skin silky smooth. Or put a few drops in every bath.

For those with oily skin, the application of jojoba will signal an over production of sebum to the sebaceous glands, and will help to normalise the condition.

Use jojoba to ease the discomfort of leg waxing and electrolysis. As jojoba increases skin elasticity it can help to prevent in grown hairs.

Jojoba is also perfect for babies - it is much more friendly to the skin than mineral based ‘baby oils’.

If you do not have the time (or inclination) to perform the ‘full routine’ a few drops of jojoba on a cotton ball will remove dirt, grime and make up. This should not be done all the time, a good quality vegetable oil based soap (palm oil free!) is the best way to clean the skin.

Jojoba is the ultimate hair treatment and conditioner. The hairs natural moisturiser, sebum, is often stripped by harsh shampoos, hair dryers, colouring, bleaching and sun exposure leaving the hair (and scalp) dry and unprotected.Use a few drops of jojoba in your conditioner, or massage some into your scalp and hair, wrap in a towel and leave for a few hours. Comb shampoo through your hair before adding water and rinsing or add a few drops to a jug of warm water as a final conditioning rinse.

Jojoba has proven to be a wonderful help in alleviating dry, itchy scalp. Apply as a scalp massage once weekly for one month, thereafter once monthly.

Men generally have fewer skin problems than women, possibly because they use fewer pore clogging petroleum based skin care and make up products. However, the use of conventional shaving soaps and creams with the daily shave can dry out the skin. Make shaving a pleasure with the application of a couple of drops of jojoba directly onto wet skin after your shave. A couple of drops of jojoba onto wet skin will spread a long way.

A regular scalp massage with jojoba (perhaps with a drop of rosemary essential oil) will ensure healthy hair follicles, allowing new hair growth. Jojoba cannot cure baldness but it may help to prevent it.

Acne is caused when an over production of sebum from the sebaceous glands on the face, neck and back of adolescents blocks and infects the pores. With its ability to penetrate the skin pores, and dissolve pore clogging material jojoba is unequalled in its ability to help alleviate the effects of acne.

Wash the skin with a gentle vegetable oil based soap (palm oil free!), rinse well and massage in a few drops of jojoba, occasionally adding a drop of lavender or tea tree essential oil.

The regular application of pure Australian jojoba may also help reduce the effects of acne scarring.

Jojoba will soften the cuticle, quickly penetrate, condition and harden the nail, without the nail polish repelling effect of conventional oils and creams.

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