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Our Club Members can enjoy the benfits of Super Days every month. These are Super Tuesday on the FIRST TUESDAY every month and Super Saturday on the THIRD SATURDAY evetry month. We also now have SUPER SUNDAY an the FOURTH SUNDAY every month.

Club Members get an EXTRA 5% OFF the Club Members Price on just about everything in store.


There are some exceptions to Super Day prices. Certain products have no extra discount on Super Days - Some of these are: NaturBee and NatureC products, naturopathic consultations, postage, naturopathic herbal mixtures, some electrical products super special and clearance products.


NOTE: At this stage Super Day prices are only available for in store purchases - not on sales through this web site


Notifications for Super Days are normally posted on our facebook page and on Instagram. We also send notifications by SMS and email - please let us know in store if you want to be included on these lists.


Super Tuesday 2018 Super Saturday 2018 Super Sunday 2018
Janunary 8th January 19th January 27th
February 5th February 16th February 24th
March 5th March 16th March 24th
April 2nd April 20th April 28th
May 7th May 18th May 26th
June 4th June 15th June 23rd
July 2nd July 20th July 28th
August 6th August 17th August 25th
September 3rd September 21st September 22nd
October 1st October 19th October 27th
November 5th November 16th November 24th
December 3rd December 21st December 22nd




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