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If you are feeling tired, flat and exhausted then Anastasia Zafiropoulos recommends you look no further than green superfood to re-energise and revitalise you!


In today’s hectic world many of us are working longer hours, juggling family commitments, choosing readymade meals and snacks and are left stressed and overwhelmed by what lies ahead. Sadly many pre-prepared meal choices while quick and convenient, are devoid of nutrition, often low in fibre and protein, and high in salt, sugar and fat.


Of course it is not just the adults that are consuming sub-optimal levels of nutrients, many of our children and students struggle to consume the required one to three serves of fruit and two to four serves of vegetables each day. They also are dealing with study deadlines, peer-group pressure and work expectations.


In times like these, it makes sense to supplement your diet to ensure that your required vitamin and mineral needs are met. I often recommend a green superfood supplement as this will ensure a wide range of nutrients are available. The greens provide essential antioxidants including vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help protect your cells from oxidative stress and help control inflammation. Your immune system is always working to help fight infection and can easily become strained and overwhelmed when you are run down or stressed.


This is why a green superfoods supplement such as NutriVital Organic Greens Plus, is a great idea for the whole family – it contains added nutritional factors not just the super greens and best of all tastes great! Here are some of the benefits to be gained from a daily dose of a greens superfood blend:  


  • Improves energy levels

 The B complex vitamins such as vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid, help metabolise food into energy, keeping fatigue at bay. This is especially important when we are eating on the run, doing shift work and working long hours.

  • Maintains healthy bones

Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass that occurs due to the depletion of minerals from the bones, this loss can also make bones more likely to suffer fractures. Look for a greens blend that includes a calcium supplement derived from sea minerals, as this is readily absorbed and utilised to maintain the integrity of the skeleton. It is also highly alkaline, which helps reduce acidity in the body.

  • Maintains healthy digestive function

Select a blend with the prebiotic inulin, to help restore the balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the gut and prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. The overgrowth of bad bacteria may result in food allergies or bowel disturbances, including bloating and flatulence.

  • Weight management

It is a good idea to check that the blend also delivers protein, as diets high in protein will help keep you feeling fuller for longer, help stabilise blood sugar levels and curb appetite. This is especially important in between meals or late afternoon when many of us experience a slump in energy and reach for a caffeine- loaded sugar hit.

  • Liver protection

Never underestimate the work of your liver! Every day it filters and cleanses the blood stream, regulates fat and carbohydrate metabolism and helps protect your immune system. The B complex vitamins such as B6, folic acid, and B12 are needed for liver detoxification processes. Cruciferous vegetables including kale and broccoli contain potent antioxidant and liver protective compounds that help detoxify harmful chemicals and toxins from the body and help maintain healthy immunity.


Easy Green Smoothie

Blend together:

2 heaped teaspoons NutriVital Organic Greens Plus

200ml water / almond milk / soy milk

Handful berries / 1 tbls NutriVital Chia seeds / 1 tbls NutriVital LSA powder

This power smoothie is packed full of fibre, protein and antioxidants to help keep you healthy on the inside!


Anastasia Zafiropoulos is a qualified naturopath with over 10 years experience in the health food industry. Anastasia completed a Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Therapies) She is currently working at Go Vita Sans Souci and runs clinic from there offering naturopathic consultations


This article originally featured in Go Magazine Feb 2013 produced by Go Vita

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