Finally… dairy-free calcium made easy

If you are not great with dairy foods for whatever reason, you need to make sure you are still getting enough calcium – and there are plenty of options. 


When it comes to calcium, which we all need to help maintain the health and functioning of our bones, teeth and muscles, the first foods you probably think of are milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products.


But while they’re an excellent source of calcium, dairy foods aren’t suitable for everyone. Some people are intolerant of the lactose they contain, some prefer to stick to a diet that’s vegan or low in saturated fat, and others simply don’t like milk’s taste or texture.


Other foods also contain calcium (think spinach, bony fish, legumes and fortified soy milks, for instance), however, the calcium from some of these can be difficult to absorb. For example, you absorb only around one-tenth as much calcium from spinach as you do from milk.


Even for those who do consume dairy products, getting enough calcium from your daily diet can be hard work. In Australia, about 90 per cent of adult women don’t obtain the recommended 1000-1300mg of calcium from their diets every day.


Children’s requirements for calcium range from 500mg per day for toddlers up to 1300mg per day for teens of both sexes, and alarmingly, 70 per cent of Aussie children don’t get enough calcium from their diets either.


The shortfall in children’s diets is particularly concerning, because most of our skeleton is laid down during childhood and puberty. Low calcium levels during these growing years could therefore have a significant impact on bone health in later life.


Topping up your calcium levels is easy, and doesn’t need to involve swallowing large tablets. Instead, try stirring Green Nutritionals Green Calcium powder into your water or juice, sprinkling it over food, or adding it to recipes. (Try these simple and delicious Choc-Goji Bliss Balls to get you started).


Derived from a certified organic source of red seaweed that’s naturally rich in calcium and magnesium, just half a metric teaspoon of Blackmores Origins Whole Food Calcium provides 850mg elemental calcium per day, and is suitable for the whole family.


Goji-Choc Bliss Balls


110g Medjool dates (seeds removed)

60g Loving Earth buckinis buckwheat (plain or caramelised)

40g goji berries

40g shredded coconut

1 tbsp coconut oil

15g raw cacao powder (or carob powder if you prefer a choc-free treat)

15g chia seeds

6 scoops (15 g) Green Nutritionals Calcium Powder

1 pinch fine sea-salt

Fine desiccated coconut or cacao powder for coating



1. Put all the ingredients into a food processor or blender, and mix until smooth

2. Roll the mixture into balls about the size of a tablespoon

3. Roll in coconut or cacao powder to coat


Makes approximately 20. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three weeks. Remove from the fridge 5-10 minutes before serving.


Each ball provides approximately 255 mg of elemental calcium from Green Nutritionals Green Calcium for healthy bones and teeth!


This article originally appeared in the May edition of Go News published by Go Vita


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