Bulking up

If your fitness goal is to bulk up, beware of focussing on protein as a way of building muscle mass. Nutritionist Emily Hope explains why protein alone won’t be enough.

Most of you know your muscles need protein to recover and adapt after exercise. Unless you get enough high-quality protein foods in your diet, your muscle fibres can’t heal and repair themselves.  Often you may chug down a simple protein shake after a workout, thinking that is the best thing you can do to get you closer to your goals.

The reality, though, is that protein on its own is rarely enough. 

The case for carbs

For a start, muscle repair takes energy.  Your muscles’ preferred energy source is a carbohydrate called glycogen, which your body stores inside your muscle and liver cells.  Your body uses up these stores fairly quickly, but it can easily create more from the carbohydrates in your food.  So as long as your diet contains enough carbohydrates, your body can convert them into the glycogen your muscles need.

If no carbohydrates are available, however, your body starts breaking down muscle tissue for energy once it runs out of glycogen.  This process is called catabolism – and it’s exactly what you want to avoid when you’re trying to build bulk.  That’s why a good muscle formula needs to provide energy-rich carbohydrates as well as protein.

Don’t forget other essential nutrients!

Several nutrients also play integral roles in helping you maintain muscle mass – either directly, or by helping your body to turn food into energy.  Good levels of B-group vitamins, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), creatine, glutamine, and minerals like zinc and iron are all critical.


The ultimate muscle feast blend

Balance Massive 70:30 is a powerful, muscle-feeding blend of protein, high-energy carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals – all in an easy-mixing, great-tasting shake.  Drink up to three shakes daily to help you maintain muscle bulk and get you closer to your size goals.


Is coconut water the new sport’s drink?

A recent study from the University of Memphis found that the rehydrating powers of pure coconut water matched those of carbohydrate electrolyte sports drinks. The bonus being that the coconut water offered the same isotonic benefits naturally without the artificial sweeteners and flavours that can be found in formulated sports beverages.


This article originally appeared in the May edition of Go News published by Go Vita


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