Magnesium magnifique

You may not be aware of the surprising powers of magnesium, but as Go Vita explains, if you’re not getting enough, you’ll notice how things can go awry.


Magnesium is believed to be responsible for more than 300 of enzyme systems in your body. It is vital for the efficient function of the human body and many of us simply aren’t getting sufficient, or absorbing enough.

As magnesium deficiency is linked to stress, it should come as no surprise to discover many of us in this busy day and age are on the low side. Probably the simplest gauge is to look at symptoms that suggest deficiency, which can often be quite subtle:

-          As much of your magnesium is stored in soft tissue, a mere muscular twitch could be the first sign.

-          Magnesium is vital for muscle and nerve function, especially normal muscular contraction and relaxation, due to its antispasmodic properties, so deficiency could show up as cramp, muscle spasms or tremors.

-          Tiredness is another outcome when you are low on magnesium, as your body can’t produce enough energy without sufficient stocks and it is also involved with balancing your blood sugar levels.


The more stressed or anxious you are, the more prone you are to magnesium deficiency and as this mineral reduces nervous and muscular tension and encourages restful sleep, you can easily get caught in a cycle of being below par in times of trouble.


Deficiency can also show up as hypersensitivity, so you may overreact to minor aggravations and become intolerant of bright lights or loud noises. But there are other significant roles magnesium plays:

-          It helps regulate calcium, so assists with a strong, healthy skeletal system

-          Magnesium also helps regulate heartbeat and may assist with lowering blood pressure

-          Magnesium supplements may also assist with pre-menstrual problems, period pain and migraine and tension headaches

-           Sports people and those who undertake strenuous activity may benefit from magnesium supplements, which can be taken before, during or after exercise, or at night to combat muscular aches and cramping.

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