Fish Oil Facts

If you are not a great lover of fish then you should probably consider taking an omega-3 supplement. Here’s why:

  • You probably don’t eat enough: Australian dietary records indicate that Australians consume well short of the 2-3 serves of oily fish every week that we need in order to obtain the recommended daily intake of omega-3 fats.
  • Your heart will love you for it: Omega-3s support your cardiovascular system in many ways from reducing elevated triglycerides and high blood pressure to reducing the development of plaque in your arteries. 
  • Joint health: If you suffer from arthritis, you’ll appreciate the reduced joint tenderness and reduced morning stiffness due to omega-3s anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Healthy skin: Omega-3 may help keep your complexion glowing and radiant by helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance.
  • Healthy brain: Research suggests that from your mid-60s onwards, eating just one serve of oily fish per week reduces the risk of developing dementia by 60 per cent (compared to eating fish less often or not at all).
  • Balanced moods: some researchers believe omega-3 fats can boost your mood.
  • Healthy eyes: Research conducted here in Australia and overseas suggests that omega-3 fats offer a degree of protection against age-related macular degeneration.

Before commencing fish oil supplementation be sure to visit your healthcare professional.


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This article is reprinted from Go Magazine May 2011 issue, with permission from Go Vita

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